1hr 51mins
Dir: Roger Donaldson
Starring: Jason Statham and Saffron Burrows

A film based on the 1971 Baker Street robbery

This crime drama has a scene filmed on Platform 1 of London Paddington station with a train formed of EWS maroon-liveried Mk2 coaching stock. The loco used was preserved Class 52 ‘Western’ diesel-hydraulic D1015 Western Champion, a surprising choice, and it can be seen at the front end of the train in one shot. There are also some scenes filmed on the London Underground that featured 1972-built tube stock at Aldwych station, masquerading as both ‘Baker Street’ and ‘Tottenham Court Road’ stations, though the frontage of the real Baker Street station is also briefly glimpsed.

Baker Street. No. This is Aldwych, with a train of 1972 Mk.1 stock in the platform.
Baker Street. Absolutely. This is a cropped view of one of the western entrances to the station on Marylebone Road.
Tottenham Court Road. No. This is Aldwych again, and the tube train is the 4-car set of 1972 Mk.1 stock that lives in the station for filming purposes.
A view looking north at Aldwych, but there is a problem with this. See the next image.
The train departs from Aldwych with a train for High Barnet via Charing Cross. This is a Northern Line route which corresponds with Tottenham Court Road being on the Charing Cross Branch of the Northern, whereas Aldwych is on the Piccadilly. This is all fair enough but the problem is not with the train, instead it is with the station. The platform is on the wrong side for a train departing from Aldwych, and this is 100% Aldwych.
This is the view the correct way round. My guess is that the image is reversed for the purposes of the film so as to keep the train going in the same direction in all takes (commendable continuity) with the Northern Line destination then added after the shot was complete through the aid of computer generation.
This is London Paddington, platform 1, and the staff subway is masquerading as an entrance to the Underground. The EWS maroon-liveried Mk.2s are a little unusual.
Saffron Burrows and Jason Statham at Paddington with the maroon Mark 2’s as a backdrop
In this view looking the opposite way down platform 1, the wonderful curves of the station roof are only too apparent. The flower seller is an added extra for filming!!
This image has been included for it shows the mock BR double arrow emblem added to at least one Mark 2 coach
In this final view, Class 52 ‘Western’ D1015 Western Champion can just about be seen standing at the head of the train