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1hr 29mins
Dir: Jeremiah Chechik
Starring: Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman

Steed and Miss Peel have to save the world from a mad meteorologist

This unsuccessful attempt to update the popular 1960s spy-fi television series uses London’s old Kingsway tram subway as the entrance to the government’s secret headquarters. Computer generated imagery has the Tram Tunnel entrance at Newcastle Draw Dock, near Island Gardens, with a view of the University of Greenwich and the Trinity College of Music across the Thames! With thanks to Reelstreets for the screen captures.

The secret entrance to the Government Ministry. This is looking out of the disused Kingsway Tram tunnel towards the Holborn Hotel.
A later shot of the disused northern portal of the Kingsway Tram tunnel. The river Thames beyond is a CGI addition as are the lights in the tunnel which in reality turns 90 degrees at the bottom of the ramp and is unlit.