Dir: Edward G Whiting
Starring: Chrystabel Leighton-Porter and Ian Colin

An actress is given a bracelet by an elderly admirer but is then used as a pawn to smuggle diamonds into England

This was a cheap low-budget film version of the comedy stage show based on the famous comic strip character Jane from the Daily Mail. Filmed on location in and around Brighton, there are scenes at Brighton station including one where ‘Jane’ gets her dress ripped off in a carriage door of an SR pre-war EMU. There are also some passing shots of SR EMU’s and scenes at Newhaven Marine with the rear of a coach just creeping in to the corner of one shot.

What looks likely to be an early 4SUB EMU on headcode 5, Waterloo to Portsmouth & Southsea via Cobham
Nothing to see here! The bare-legged Chrystabel Leighton-Porter
What I believe to be Newhaven Marine, with train and track just visible on the right