THE 14

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1hr 45mins
Dir: David Hemmings
Starring: Jack Wild and June Brown

A film portraying the fate of fourteen children after they are orphaned following the death of their single mother

This grim drama has a lot of action that centres around the old disused sidings adjacent to Portobello Junction on the Great Western main line out of London Paddington. In some scenes, there are close up shots of a couple of moribund wagons in the form of minerals and an old tank. In another scene, a Class 31 diesel passes by in close up, whilst in a view from track level, formations of Class 117 DMU’s are passing. In the background of other scenes main line traffic is visible passing beneath the A40 Westway and although much blue & grey coaching stock is seen, locos remain tantalisingly out of glimpse. Several Class 117 DMUs are, however, captured calling at the main line platforms of Westbourne Park station, which was still open at the time. In another shot, a Metropolitan Line train of C stock can be seen partly obscured by the back of Westbourne Park Underground station. These are very interesting scenes as the whole area has been completely redeveloped today. In several views, the old disused former Westbourne Park signal box can be seen awaiting demolition. It should be noted that some versions of the film appear to omit the original opening sequence, which centres on the children openly playing on a live railway line. Such blatant trespass should of course be discouraged, and such antics from the film-makers would not be allowed to take place today.

Two boys run across a railway line. This is the Great Western main line at Westbourne Park. The building to Westbourne Park BR station is on the bridge that carries the Great Western Road over the railway whilst the concrete pillar on the left supports the elevated A40 Westway
This is the rear of Westbourne Park Underground station, with a train of London Transport ‘C’ stock in the platform. At the time of filming the station was served by the Metropolitan Line but since 1990 this has been the Hammersmith & City Line. The shadow in the foreground belongs to the A40 Westway.
Continuing past the camera the old signal box at Westbourne Park comes into view.
More scruffy youngsters at play. Portobello Road bridge is in the far distance whilst the buildings on the left are awaiting demolition in St. Ervan’s Road.
A train of blue & grey coaches passes on the main line through Westbourne Park. The station building is directly in front, the flats on Alfred Road are in the distance, and the A40 is above.
A child approaches a pair of old and disused side loading wagons. Westbourne Park station is in the background haze.
This is possible an old ESSO tank wagon. A blue Class 117 DMU is passing on the main line behind.
Looking towards Portobello Road with the famous Trellick Tower on the right. The open wagon was once used for the conveyance of china clay, or other perishable content, as evidenced by the bar which would once have been used to tie down a tarpaulin. The railway sidings belonged to the old Mileage Yard (also known as Crimea Yard) which closed to traffic in July 1967 and the site is now home to Westbourne Studios. (All shots courtesy of reelstreets).
In the uncut version of the film, a Class 31 diesel passes by light engine
And in another shot, formations of Class 117 DMU’s pass by on suburban services