1hr 24mins
Dir: Norman Warren
Starring: John Nolan and Carolyn Courage

An undead witch takes revenge on her persecutor’s descendants

This horror movie includes a rather curious scene towards the end which sees Carolyn Courage onboard a train of 1973-built tube stock. As the train arrives at a station she exits onto a completely darkened platform before we then see her walking out of the main station building at Barnes!

Carolyn Courage onboard a Piccadilly Line train of 1973 stock
Carolyn Courage leaves the train at a station that is completely dark. The observing passenger does not seem to be to alarmed at this, nor the fact that the unlit platform gives the appearance that she is headless!
This extremely dark shot does in fact show her leaving Barnes station, the building of which is behind her as she walks off into the night. Just what this odd sequence of events is supposed to represent is beyond the authors knowledge.