2hrs 10mins
Dir: Peter Glenville
Starring: Laurence Olivier and Sarah Miles

An alcoholic schoolteacher is accused of indecent assault by a schoolgirl after he refuses her advances

This drama based on the 1961 James Barlow novel of the same name is rather good, and it features a scene on the Irish Rail system with Westland Row station in Dublin masquerading as both ‘Victoria’, and then ‘Euston’. There is also a very good night shot of an AEC/Park Royal 2600 Class DMU passing over roof tops. Later, there is a short sequence that is filmed onboard a train and this is very definitely a set because the same railway goods yard passes by as back-projection twice in quick succession! In this instance though, the railway wagons appear to be British in origin.

The train arrives into ‘Victoria’, though in reality this is Westland Row in Dublin
A closeup shot of a Class 2600 DMU passing over the rooftops at night
Westland Row again, now playing the part of ‘Euston’. Westland Row was of course renamed Dublin Pearse in 1966.
Sarah Miles and Terence Stamp onboard the train with railway wagons passing by as part of the back-projection sequence
And now the entrance to the goods yard can be seen