1hr 44mins
Dir: Tom Clegg
Starring: John Thaw and Dennis Waterman

The Flying Squad investigates a series of violent armed robberies

Following on from the success of the 1977 film Sweeney! (qv), this movie saw a return to the big screen for Regan and Carter only one year later. Though it is a good enough attempt at a sequel, and is quite enjoyable, it was not deemed as successful as the first. In one scene John Thaw and Dennis Waterman walk onto the railway bridge that leads from South Worple Way over the railway line between Barnes and Mortlake stations and two Class 421 4 CIG slam-door EMUs pass beneath. The first EMU has an express train sound badly dubbed over the top but the second is very much an EMU and comes complete with characteristic ‘clanking’ from the third rail pick up shoes! There is also a scene towards the end with Anna Nygh entering Oxford Circus Underground station, and then exiting by another, as yet, unknown one.

As Carter and Regan (or Waterman and Thaw) begin to cross this footbridge, a Class 421 4 CIG EMU passes beneath
In this view looking towards Mortlake, another Class 421 passes
Anna Nygh leaves the Underground from an as yet unidentified station. Her journey began at Oxford Circus but as that entrance consisted of a mere hole in the ground it is not recorded here.