1hr 36mins
Dir: James McTeigue
Starring: Milla Jovovich and Pierce Brosnan

Having been accused of crimes she did not commit, a Foreign Service Officer in London tries to prevent a terrorist attack on New York City

This action-packed crime thriller features suspenseful scenes filmed at London St Pancras station with some Class 373 ‘Eurostar’ sets visible in the platforms. The scenes filmed on the Underground at King’s Cross St. Pancras meanwhile did in fact use a 1996 Jubilee Line train at Charing Cross station, as confirmed by the station décor and the teal green interior to the train. The shots of the track and running tunnels also used Charing Cross, though the ventilation shafts and stairwells could possibly have been those at Aldwych. In addition, there are a couple of shots of Class 376 ‘Electrostar’ EMU’s passing through the night-time cityscape, a shot of an LUL train of S stock crossing a bridge, and several aerial views of Charing Cross station, one particularly nice one at night.

In this aerial view of London and the Thames, Charing Cross station is visible inside the big wheel
London Charing Cross almost perfectly framed
And in this night time panorama, Charing Cross station is located in the extreme centre right of the picture
London Charing Cross complete with train
What is almost certainly a Class 376 ‘Electrostar’ EMU crosses a road bridge somewhere in south east London
In this view from inside a building, a Class 376 ‘Electrostar’ EMU passes by, though its lights somewhat blend in with those of the buildings behind
The grand entrance into St Pancras station never ceases to amaze. Two Class 373 ‘Eurostar’ sets can just be made out in the platforms beyond the glass screen.
A lovely view of the forecourt outside St Pancras
The steps at St Pancras leading down from the platform mezzanine to the passenger area beneath
Despite the sign stating otherwise, this is a Jubilee Line train of 1996-stock arriving into Charing Cross
This unusual view from a CCTV camera also states King’s Cross St Pancras but again this is a Jubilee Line train at Charing Cross
Milla Jovovich jumps onto the track in a bid to escape her pursuers. This is platform 4 at Charing Cross Underground station.
The bad guys continue their pursuit. Platform 4 again.
The bad guys in the crossover cavern outside Charing Cross
In this final view, a new train of LUL S stock crosses a bridge on what is possibly a Hammersmith & City Line working