1hr 45mins
Dir: Aneil Karia
Starring: Ben Whishaw and Ellie Haddington

A mentally-ill man goes on a bold and reckless journey of self-liberation in the city of London

This psychological drama makes for brutal, yet compelling viewing. There are several scenes of Ben Whishaw onboard trains in the form of Class 313 and Class 379 EMU’s, with an additional scene filmed at Broxbourne station with Class 317 EMU’s present. There are some scenes filmed at Tottenham Hale station, but no trains feature here, plus a shot of Ben Whishaw alighting from a Class 313 EMU at an unknown station. This latter shot is of interest as all the First Capital Connect liveried examples had been withdrawn from the Great Northern lines by September 2019. So when was this filmed? And where? Finally, there is a sequence filmed on the Victoria Line that includes a shot of a train of 2009-stock arriving at an unknown station. This is the first known appearence of one of these trains on film, yet there must be others?

Ben Whishaw at the ticket barriers of Broxbourne station in Hertfordshire
Robin Pearce in the car park at Broxbourne with the main station building behind
A Class 317 is visible behind him in this shot
A further Class 317 is visible through the windscreen as the car pulls out of the car park
A view of Tottenham Hale station
Ben Whishaw waits for a train at Tottenham Hale
Ben Whishaw has just alighted from a soon-to-be-withdrawn Class 313 EMU. But where was this filmed?
This is one of several scenes that were filmed inside a Class 313 EMU
Ben Whishaw watches a Victoria Line train arrive. Could this also be Tottenham Hale?
A busy scene inside a 2009-stock train on the Victoria Line. One vehicle identified in this sequence is No.14074.