1hr 32mins
Dir: Sidney J. Furie
Starring: Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman

Superman is determined that the world will lay down nuclear weapons

This superhero film is based on the DC Comics character Superman. It was the fourth and final installment in the original Superman series and despite being a commercial success it was considered by many to be the worst. It is also the only one that features British railway material. There is a scene that is supposedly set on the New York Subway, but which was in fact filmed on the London Underground at both Holborn and Aldwych stations. 1973-built tube stock features in this scene with ‘Metro City Transit’ branding and ‘4th Avenue’ route destinations to add some degree of authenticity, but the whole sequence is rather odd. One vehicle of the train is Driving Motor No.891 and the stations masquerade as ‘Metropolis South’ and ‘4th Avenue’ respectively. If this wasn’t odd enough, other scenes in the film have Milton Keynes Central station standing in for the United Nations building!

Christopher Reeve stands on the wrong side of the doors having missed the train. Note the Metropolis South signboard to the left. This is the Aldwych branch platform at Holborn.
The train of 1973 stock disappears into the tunnel on its way to Aldwych, well ‘4th Avenue’ on this occasion.
A view inside the train. The strap hangars are sadly a thing of the past.
Superman runs on the platform at Holborn as he looks to find somewhere to change
Superman on the track at Aldwych
Having brought the stricken train to a stand (by electrical forces? Sheer will power alone? I don’t know how exactly but he did) Superman enters the cab of 1973 driving vehicle No.891.
This is Aldwych again but this is actually a very rare shot indeed. The US poster and ‘4th Avenue’ station name are props but the view is looking south, into the short overrun tunnel at the end of the branch itself. When one considers the vast amount of photographs and movie footage that has taken place here over the years there are in fact very few shots that look south. But there we go.
The glass edifice seen here behind Marc McClure is Milton Keynes Central station. It plays the part of the United Nations Headquarters in the film.