1hr 32mins
Dir: James Gilbert
Starring: Harry Secombe and Maggie Fitzgibbon

Emigrating to Australia after realising that his unrequited love for a colleague will never flourish, a Welsh teacher organises his pupils into a children’s choir

This rather pleasant Anglo-Australian comedy drama has a shot of the sidings at Deep Navigation Colliery in Treharris with mineral wagons visible but no locomotives. In Australia, this film ran with the working titles of The Education of Stanley Evans and The Immigrant but it was released as Sunstruck. It was Harry Secombe’s final film role and despite its apparent popularity both here and particularly down under it did not perform well either commercially or critically.

Harry Secombe rides his bike through the sidings at Deep Navigation Colliery with mineral wagons visible on the left. The colliery closed in 1991 and the site has now been redeveloped into the Taff Bargoed Community Park.