Dir: Rupert Wyatt
Starring: John Challis and Gina Bellman

A poster paster is taken on a nocturnal journey by the spirit of a deceased train driver

This supernatural musical drama is a real odd number, with very little in the way of dialogue. Set wholly within the confines of Aldwych, the main character (played by Jamie Harris) has his dreary life questioned by the spirits of those who have died in the station throughout its history. Almost every aspect of the station is seen, including the running tunnels and the air shafts, and the train of 1972 stock that is kept on the line joins the cast. Unfortunately, this esoteric short ran for precisely one performance and appears to have disappeared entirely.

A look up the stairs into the ticket hall at the Aldwych
Jamie Harris makes his way down to the platform. The peeling paint on the corridor walls is quite alarming!
Jamie Harris as Bill Stickers stands on the platform at the Aldwych
The train of 1972 stock arrives into the extremely shabby platform at the Aldwych