1hr 29mins
Dir: Peter Graham Scott
Starring: Gene Barry and Joan Collins

An American agent comes to England and helps British authorities uncover a spy ring

This espionage thriller so typical of the time has some good railway scenes filmed at London Paddington station. Plenty of Mk1 coaching stock is visible but there are some wonderful shots of diesel-hydraulics. These include Tom Adams and Joan Collins walking past Class 52 ‘Western’ D1033 Western Trooper (awaiting shunt release judging by the crew in the rear cab), Class 35 ‘Hymek’ D7070, and a very rare shot of a Class 23 arriving with empty coaching stock. The eagle-eyed will even spot a ‘Blue Pullman’ in the background of the opening establishing shot of the platforms. In a later scene, Gene Barry and Joan Collins are on the platform and a green DMU is stabled in the background as a train arrives behind an unidentified maroon-liveried ‘Western’. A remarkable sequence then follows that shows Gene Barry and Joan Collins investigating a railway line where Tom Adams was last seen during a train journey (of which nothing was shown). They are freely wandering about the non-electrified double track line identified by the concrete lineside permanent way hut as being on the Southern Region. It is unimaginable to think, but such a scene would not be allowed today. The location was in fact Westcott, situated about three miles west of Dorking on the ‘North Downs’ line between Guildford and Redhill in Surrey. The location is about milepost 33 between Dorking West and Gomshall stations, and the P-way hut has now gone. Earlier in the film there are some scenes filmed on Hungerford Bridge, but the only train that features, twice, is the bottom quarter of an EPB EMU still in BR green and badly dubbed to the sound of an express train! Finally, there is a suspense scene near the end that was filmed at Aldwych station, and 1959-built tube stock is present.

As if looking through a pane of glass this blurred shot of a green-liveried EPB is seen twice in the film in quick succession
The unmistakable outline of London Paddington. The period cars form an interesting comparison with the blue and grey Mk.1 coaches. Note the ‘Blue Pullman’ in the left hand background (which is actually blue and white).
For fans of hydraulics this really is a good film. This delightful shot gives us an excellent colour glimpse of a Class 23 arriving with 0P03, presumably the empty stock for 1P03. The droopy cab windows were the reason for the enthusiasts nickname of ‘sadeyes’. To the crew that worked them though they were known as ‘Overtimers’, because of their unreliability!!
After the Class 23 we get this treat. As passengers leave the platform they walk past a Class 35 ‘Hymek’ in the form of D7070.
No scene at Paddington in the hydraulic era would be complete without a Class 52 ‘Western’ and in Subterfuge we get two. As Joan Collins and Tom Adams talk, D1033 Western Trooper forms the backdrop.
Joan Collins watches the train depart. Just look at the grime on the back of the rear coach. 1968 was the year that steam ended on BR and despite a rose-tinted view the prevailing filth that went with it is often forgotten about.
Paddington again. Unfortunately, the maroon ‘Western’ arriving on 1A06 remains unidentified despite getting clear glimpses of both name and numberplates. On the left is a green DMU.
This is the ‘North Downs’ line at a location close to milepost 33 between Dorking West and Gomshall stations. As this was a former South Eastern Railway route the mileage is measured from Charing Cross. The concrete permanent way hut so ubiquitous to the Southern Region has now gone but the line is still non-electrified.
Who would of thought it. Joan Collins on a railway line!! Such nonchalance would be unthinkable in today’s environment. The concrete permanent way hut that her and Gene Barry are investigating is that seen in the shot above.
This is a reverse image from the shots above. The North Downs form the backdrop in this beautiful area of the UK.
Colin Gordon exits the train of 1959 tube stock at Aldwych station
He climbs the stairs from the platform…..
……and reaches the lower lift lobby