1hr 29mins
Dir: Rob Savage
Starring: Hannah Wilder and Oliver Malam

Four young people and their romantic endeavours in one carefree summer before they leave home to go to university

This psychological drama was made on a budget of just £3000 but is an accomplished piece that went on to win the Discovery Award at the British Independent Film Awards. It features brief and blurry shots of Shrewsbury station and some short rather dark scenes filmed onboard Mk.3 coaching stock.

This darkened interior is that of a Mk.3 coach. As the station scene uses Shrewsbury then this will be the interior of a Wrexham & Shropshire vehicle. The short-lived open access operator ran services from Wrexham-Marylebone via Shrewsbury and Wellington between April 2008 and January 2011.
This is an artistic film, and as the hand-held camera follows our passenger through the station all we get to see of it are these all too brief and blurry glimpses. Although far from clear, this is Shrewsbury’s platform 7 (as noted by the platform number that is just about visible top right).
This shot has been included as it shows the signage that proves beyond doubt that this really is a station
Philine Lembeck on the famous Dana footbridge, the Grade II listed structure that resembles a very long railway footbridge. It crosses the entire station site, but does not actually give access to any part of the station. It was originally built by the railway company to maintain a historic right of way and is very popular with the locals.