1hr 33mins
Dir: Mike Figgis
Starring: Melanie Griffith and Sean Bean

A corrupt American businessman becomes entangled with a Newcastle club owner

This crime drama, filmed on location in Newcastle, is not as exciting as it sounds despite its big name cast, but it features a number of railway scenes that includes a high-rise aerial shot of the King Edward Bridge with an HST set and a light engine crossing. In addition to this shot, there is a brief scene filmed from inside an HST as it departs from Newcastle Central station and a pair of Class 143 ‘Pacer’ DMU’s are visible through the window. Finally, there is a scene with Sean Bean boarding one of the Tyne & Wear Metro units at St James station on the Metro system, and there are a couple of shots of the frontage to Newcastle Central station.

This view from Neville Street features one of the entrance porticoes to Newcastle Central station
James Cosmo onboard an HST as it departs Newcastle Central. A Class 143 ‘Pacer’ can be seen through the window.
With another one next to it. These Class 143’s were new to Tyneside in 1985 before all 25 were transferred away ‘down south’ during the early-1990s.
An HST set crosses High Level Bridge across the Tyne with the Swing Bridge in the foreground
In a closer image that has been cropped, a light diesel locomotive can also be seen above the large stone arch on the Gateshead bank. Behind the loco, the disused platforms of Gateshead West (closed November 1965) can clearly be seen curving away to the right.
Sean Bean heads down onto the platform at St James station on the Tyne & Wear Metro
Where he boards one of the 2-car Metro units, seen here in the original white and yellow livery