1hr 19mins
Dir: C.M. Pennington-Richards
Starring: John Ireland and Maureen Connell

Two swimmers attempt to cross the English Channel under the cover of fog, only for one to be deliberately drowned

This crime drama was released in the US as Black Tide, the name of the story by Sid Harris and Lou Dyer upon which it was based. It features a number of railway scenes, at Dover Priory station with ‘blood & custard’ coaching stock in the platform, and in Southall Goods Yard with railway wagons present. There is also a shot of one of the side entrances to Charing Cross station in London.

Joy Webster enters the platform at Dover Priory station…….
…….where she boards the train for London
Having arrived into the capital, Joy Webster leaves Charing Cross, the correct station for trains from Dover
John Ireland parks his Jeep in the goods yard at Southall
John Ireland explores the yard on foot
Another car enters the yard with houses on Park Avenue in the background