1hr 12mins
Dir: Terence Fisher
Starring: Paul Henreid and Lizabeth Scott

An eminent cosmetic surgeon transforms the face of a disfigured woman to that of his former lover, with tragic results

This film noir ends with a character falling to their death out of a train. This was filmed on a studio set interspersed with scenes filmed at Surbiton station. Shots of two SR expresses feature, one of which has called at the station hauled by ‘Lord Nelson’ LN Class 4-6-0 No.30861 Lord Anson. The other is that of an unrebuilt ‘Merchant Navy’ Class 4-6-2 on ‘The Bournemouth Belle’. Curiously, both the shots are ‘reversed’. The shot of the station entrance, however, is the correct way around!

‘Lord Nelson’ 4-6-0 No.30861 Lord Anson calls at Surbiton’s platform one, but it is going the wrong way for London as the image is reversed
Despite being in reverse we are treated to a close up glimpse of the loco’s departure though you can’t see much of it through all the smoke and steam
A 1947 Triumph 1800 Roadster arrives outside Surbiton station
There’s always one. As passengers make their way up the stairs towards the exit, Lizabeth Scott decides its her turn to go down them!!
This shot again is reversed. It shows ‘The Bournemouth Belle’ passing through Surbiton behind a streamlined ‘Mechant Navy’ pacific