1hr 28mins
Dir: John Blakeley
Starring: Frank Randle and Harry Korris

Misadventures of a motley group of Army soldiers

This comedy was the second of the Private Randle Somewhere films and features a montage journey sequence that starts with a brief shot of Barnes station, and is followed by a number of random shots of passing expresses, three of which are GWR in origin. Most of these shots would go on to be reused in a montage sequence in Somewhere on Leave (qv), which was released the following year!

Korris and Randle arrive onto the platform at Barnes
This elevated view shows a GWR express. This is possibly Pangbourne as the River Thames is visible through the trees.
This is a stock shot of an unidentified express passing a signal box
This curious shot is filmed from the window of the leading carriage and shows a loco tender in close up. This is a Collett tender, so the loco is of GWR in origin, probably a ‘Castle’. Paul Warner suggests that the train is entering Sonning Cutting from the Reading end.
A delightful study of a GWR express passing through the countryside