Dir: Gordon Flemyng
Starring: Anthony Newlands and Nadja Regin

A gang of crooks accidentally kill a shop assistant whilst stealing the keys to the Jewellery shop where she works

This short crime drama was one of a series of second feature films based on Edgar Wallace novels, released between 1960 and 1965 in British cinemas.┬áIt features a shot of the frontage to West Croydon station, which is followed by an excellent shot of a formation of 4 SUB EMU’s arriving into platform 4. However, the shot of the passengers exiting the station depicts the frontage to Merton Park, in this instance playing the fictional ‘Harland Park’. This continuity error comes as no surprise though as Merton Park station was a regular in films produced at the nearby Merton Park Studios. Because Solo for Sparrow featured an early supporting role for a young Michael Caine, the film was re-released in America in 1966 with his name above the title.

This is the entrance to West Croydon station at the end on junction of North End and London Road in Croydon, still a part of Surrey at the time of filming, The Southern Electric sign above the entrance bears no mention of the station name, but instead, proudly proclaims ‘Frequent Electric Trains to City, West End & Suburban stations’.
A train of 4 SUB EMU’s arrives into West Croydon’s platform 4. The 84 headcode was for a London Victoria-Epsom Downs via Streatham Common and West Croydon service.
This is the entrance to the commonly seen Merton Park station. The Southern Region sign on the right would have needed little amendment to display its temporary name of ‘Harland Park’.