1hr 22mins
Dir: Anatol Litwak
Starring: Madeleine Carroll and Ivor Novello

Complications ensue after a French sleeping-car attendant with an eye for the ladies hooks up with a wealthy widow

This delightful comedy was mainly filmed on the French SNCF system, though there is one British scene right at the end where Southern Railway H Class 0-4-4T No.1321 hauling two parcels vans passes over Madeleine Carroll’s dog sat in the four-foot. It is not known where this was filmed but please take note – the animal was a cuddly toy!

Little Maisie sits down for a rest. The dog in this instance was real as this is a studio set despite the pretty authentic backdrop.
The dog may now have transformed into a cuddly toy but the train is very much the real thing. H Class 0-4-4T No.1321 approaches the scene hauling two parcels vans. The location for this shot is not known.
Maisie looking a lot dirtier after her brush with death!