1hr 51mins
Dir: David Wickes
Starring: David Essex and Beau Bridges

A garage mechanic becomes a top motorcycle racer

This motor-racing movie has one surprisingly interesting railway scene in which David Essex talks to his father on the London Underground. His father works as the foreman of a track gang and they arrive at ‘Bond Street’ station on Wickham Type 1Z petrol trolley No.LT8564. Although the station signage reads ‘Bond Street’, this is in fact Bank on the Waterloo & City Line as attested to by the shot of the travolator.

David Essex arrives at Bank station. As it is closed, he has had to walk down the silent travolator.
The track gang approach the station on Wickham petrol trolley LT8564
The trolley arrives into the platform of Bond Street, though in reality this is platform 7 at Bank