1hr 03mins
Dir: Raju
Starring: Mehesh Butt and Susan de-la-Ford

A young man arrives in London from India, but the job promised to him never materialises

This social drama is very amateur in its production, but it features a scene on the London Underground with an excellent shot of a train of 1962 stock arriving at Holborn (Kingsway) on a Central Line service to Ealing Broadway. However, the view of passengers inside the train was filmed at Oxford Circus on the Victoria Line, as evidenced by the station sign visible through the window of the train (in reverse)! We then see two of the cast leaving Holborn Underground station, suggesting that they never went anywhere at all!! There is also a scene filmed in Southall with the main building of Southall station visible in the background.

A Central Line train for Ealing Broadway arrives into the westbound platform at Holborn (Kingsway)
The interior of a packed 1967 Victoria Line train. By a strange quirk of fate, the station sign is the only thing visible through the window! It reads Oxford Circus, but the text is in reverse.
The circulating area at the bottom of escalators somewhere on the Underground system
Our two main characters leave Holborn station on Kingsway
This is a view of South Road in Southall, with Beaconsfield Road heading off to the right. In the left hand distance atop the bridge is the main building of Southall station.