1hr 28mins
Dir: Ben Wheatley
Starring: Steve Oram and Alice Lowe

A caravanning couple on a road trip kill everyone that annoys them

This comedy horror is at times bizarre, and at others downright disturbing, yet for the most part is darkly hilarious. The film features some very good scenes filmed at the National Tramway Museum at Crich, Derbyshire, with plenty of vintage trams on view. Trams that are seen are Derby Corporation No.1, Glasgow Corporation ‘Kilmarnock Bogie’ No.1115, Glasgow Corporation No.812, Blackpool Corporation ‘Balloon Car’ No.249, London County Council No.1, plus New South Wales Government Steam Tram No.47, which is briefly visible in the background to one scene. There are also some good shots of London Passenger Transport Board ‘E1’ No.1622, which includes scenes filmed onboard. In addition, the Making of documentary on the DVD features additional shots of No.812 and No.1622. The final scene where Steve Oram falls to his death used the Ribblehead Viaduct on the Settle-Carlisle Railway and there are some very good shots of the majestic structure. Not nearly enough footage of this viaduct has appeared on screen but this film attempts, in part, to at least put that right. The ground-level shots are interspersed with camera tricks ‘up-above’ that involved placing a mock 5ft wall on the deck of a different disused railway viaduct, the location of which is undisclosed to help with the owner’s privacy.

Steve Oram and Alice Lowe walk towards Crich’s period tramway village
Alice Lowe on a horse-drawn artifact inside the tramway museum. Behind her, from left to right, are Derby Corporation Tram No.1, Glasgow Corporation ‘Kilmarnock Bogie’ No.1115, Blackpool Corporation ‘Balloon Car’ No.249, and London County Council No.1 (the latter showing route 16 Victoria Embankment to Purley via Kennington & Westminster).
Working route 36 to New Cross Gate, London Passenger Transport Board ‘E1’ tram No.1622 heads out of the village towards the town terminus
A rare scene onboard a tram, in this case ‘E1’ No.1622
The ‘E1’ trundles back towards the village
No.1622 at the town end terminus
Glasgow Corporation tram No.812 passes through the village
This excellent shot of No.1622 can be found on the Making of documentary short on the DVD
As can this wonderfully artistic ground level shot of Glasgow No.812 with leaves blowing in the foreground
The film’s climax involves a disused railway viaduct that has been converted into a footpath. The opening shots, however, show the unmistakable outline of the Ribblehead Viaduct.
This is the first view we get from the actual deck of the viaduct, though its real identity has not been disclosed.
This is a view of the curved stone structure, probably in the Derbyshire Peak District
This final view from the Making of documentary shows filming taking place on the viaduct’s former track bed