1hr 45mins
Dir: Paul Anderson
Starring: Jude Law and Sadie Frost

A young thief leaves prison and reverts to his old crime of ram-raiding

This adrenaline-fueled and forgotten crime drama has interesting scenes in which some of the thieves seek refuge by living rough in a railway shed. This used the old Southall depot that was occupied at the time by the Southall Railway Centre. A number of items belonging to the GWR Preservation Group are visible including unrestored 2884 Class 2-8-0 No.2885 and 5700-series 0-6-0PT No.9682.

Prominent to the fore in this overall view of the former Southall shed is a heavily graffitied steam locomotive in the form of ex-GWR 2884 Class 2-8-0 No.2885. Behind the loco is a pannier tank, in the form of BR-built 5700-series No.9682. The locomotive frame on the flat wagon in the foreground is of interest. I would like to know its origin.
In this view from ground level, No.2885 is on the right separated from its tender which is just visible on the left behind the ‘Toad’ brakevan. Pannier tank No.9682 is more visible from this angle, in the centre of the shot.
No.2885 is on the right with some interesting smokebox artwork that reads FOR THE CRACK. The ‘Toad’ brakevan on the left looks equally unloved.
The artwork on the boiler of No.2885 is seen to great effect in this shot of Jude Law, Daniel Newman, and Fraser James