1hr 50mins
Dir: Jag Mundhra
Starring: Naseeruddin Shah and Greta Scacchi

A London Police Commander deals with personal issues and internal racism as he tries to investigate the shooting of an innocent Muslim

Shoot on Sight is a crime drama based on Operation Kratos, the police ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy applied to suspected suicide-bombers after the 7th July 2005 London bombings. The shooting of the innocent Muslim in the Underground at the beginning is based on an actual event, the shooting of an innocent Brazilian whom police thought to be a Muslim terrorist about to detonate a suicide bomb. The film largely succeeds with its sensitive story lines even if this is largely down to the strong cast. The opening shooting scene was filmed at Charing Cross station on the Jubilee Line with 1996-built tube stock present, and there is a later scene filmed at the station without any trains. In addition to this, there is one single shot of a Class 450 ‘Desiro’ and a Class 455 EMU at a station on CCTV footage (which is possibly Clapham Junction).

A Jubilee Line train arrives into Charing Cross station
And a view from the platform as the train pulls in
This is the later scene filmed at Charing Cross without any train. All the scenes in the film used the former platform 4 at the station.
This CCTV image appears to show one of the platforms at Clapham Junction, with a Class 455 on the left and a Class 450 pulling out on the right