1hr 29mins
Dir: Robert Asher
Starring: Alfred Marks and Bob Monkhouse

Two brothers plan to murder the woman who has inherited their house

This comedy was based on the play We Must Kill Toni by Ian Stuart Black. It features some good shots filmed at Bricket Wood station on the Watford Junction-St Albans Abbey branch, with Anna Karina arriving on a train hauled by BR Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2T No.41223. Intriguingly, the station is masquerading in the film as ‘Ambering’. A mix of Amberley and Angmering perhaps?

The familiar sight of Bricket Wood station in Hertfordshire. Note the AMBERING station sign.
A good establishing shot of the platforms at Bricket Wood complete with approaching train, hauled by a 2-6-2 tank engine
The cameraman treats us to a shot of the locomotive bringing its train into the platform. Its identity is revealed to be No.41223, a BR Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2T. When this film was released in 1962 the loco was based at Watford shed and it would have been a regular performer on this line. By the end the year, however, it had been transferred away to Brighton. It was withdrawn from Templecombe on 12/03/1966.
Bob Monkhouse, Alfred Marks, and Dennis Lotis at Bricket Wood. Pat Coombs is walking off into the distance.
The footplate crew of the Ivatt. The driver (on the right) is actor and stuntman Larry Taylor.
The aforementioned trio greet Anna Karina as the footplate crew look on. Views of the station looking north east towards St Albans are quite rare.