1hr 39mins
Dir: Edgar Wright
Starring: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

A man attempts to get some kind of focus in his life and at the same time he has to cope with an apocalyptic zombie uprising

This comedy horror was a critical and commercial success and although the film was extensively advertised with posters showing Simon Pegg’s character Shaun stuck on a Tube train full of zombies, the finished product as seen in cinemas lacked any direct reference to the London Underground. The film is unusual in not having any railway material in the completed movie, yet the DVD of the film includes a number of deleted scenes, among them two that show Shaun’s journey to and from work interrupted by the closure of Underground stations on both occasions. One masqueraded as the fictitious ‘Crouch End’, but it is not known where either of these stations were actually located.

Simon Pegg (with red tie) and commuters are captured at the fictitious ‘Crouch End’ Underground station
Where the station staff have announced its closure
This is a similar view from outside a different station
Where once again it has been closed to the public