1hr 20mins
Dir: Stanley Long
Starring: Felicity Devonshire and Richard Wattis

A series of vignettes exposing how woman manipulate their men into submission

This sex romance is as bad as it sounds and it is worth noting that the film was a victim of over nine minutes of censorship cuts the last time it was released on video in the UK in 1988. Judging from this it was pretty hardcore, except it wasn’t, and it is hard to see just what all the fuss was about. The film does feature a railway scene in the form of 4 EPB set No.5356 arriving into Maze Hill station in south east London. The EMU is working a headcode 80 service, Charing Cross – Dartford via Greenwich.

4 EPB No.5356 arrives into Maze Hill station. The delightful covered footbridge is still extant today.
The train departs after its brief call. The building in the background is the extended East Greenwich Telephone Exchange on Maze Hill itself.