1hr 25mins
Dir: Julian Fellowes
Starring: Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson

A damaged relationship is stretched to its desperate limits after a solicitor’s wife is involved in a hit-and-run

This drama is based on the 1951 novel A Way Through the Wood by Nigel Balchin, which had already been turned into a stage play under the title Waiting for Gillian in 1957. There is an early scene filmed at London Marylebone station with Tom Wilkinson boarding a Class 165 ‘Turbo’ DMU, followed by a scene of him leaving Denham station. In a further scene filmed at Denham at night, another Class 165 DMU can be seen departing. This is in fact a computer generated image for although it looks the real deal, the fact that it disappears altogether after leaving the platform somewhat gives the game away!!

Tom Wilkinson runs for his train at London Marylebone station, with Class 165 ‘Turbo’ DMU’s both left and right
Tom Wilkinson onboard a Class 165 ‘Turbo’ DMU
Tom Wilkinson leaves Denham station
Tom Wilkinson on the platform at Denham as a Class 165 DMU departs behind him. However, not all is as it seems……
Moments later, and Emily Watson joins her on-screen husband. But where has the train gone! The computer-generated DMU simply disappears from view.