1hr 26mins
Dir: Arnold Miller
Starring: Pauline Collins and April Wilding

A young woman joins the striptease scene after becoming a dancer at the Windmill Theatre in London

This¬†dreadful exploitation film is almost unwatchable, but it appeared at a time when there were many similar unwatchable films of this genre so it isn’t alone in its failings. There is a sequence that sees a ‘Windmill Girl’ travel by train from her home in ‘Rochester’ to London. The station seen at the start of this journey is not Rochester, but instead nearby Strood, with the arrival into London using Charing Cross. The train is a Southern Region suburban EMU but it is impossible to identify what type due to the position of the sun and the remaining scenes being in shadow. Other EMU’s can be seen in the scenes at Charing Cross.

This is the old entrance to Strood station in Kent, now completely replaced by a more modern, faceless, edifice
Passengers enter the distinctive wooden building, typical of many on the Southern Region
Our traveller reaches the London platform by way of the station subway
The train to town arrives. Unfortuntely, due to the low level of the sun it is impossible to identify the type of unit or its headcode, but it is a Southern Region design such as an EPB or a HAP.
The train has arrived into London Charing Cross, where passengers head towards the exits
Another view of Charing Cross, this time looking from the ticket barriers onto the platforms, both of which feature trains
Our final view shows the forecourt of Charing Cross station looking towards Villers Street in the left hand background. Taxis jostle for fares, and our traveller has reached the end of her journey.