1hr 10mins
Dir: Robert Springsteen
Starring: Kent Taylor and Jane Hylton

An American visiting England accidentally finds himself in possession of a briefcase full of secret documents, which many different people are interested in seizing

This typical 1950s B-movie thriller has a number of stock shots of passing trains, plus a couple of other random images, but most are filmed at night making identification difficult. The surviving print of the movie is very poor, and the images have degraded so much that little can really be gleaned from them. There is an additional scene filmed on the walkway adjacent to Hungerford Bridge with an electric train passing behind on its way out of Charing Cross, but despite this being filmed in broad daylight it could well have been late evening such is the state of the film!! However, there is one later scene filmed outside an unidentified station that is somewhat clearer, though in this instance the express that passes through at speed is largely obscured by the actors and their cars!! Oh well.

This is the first of the stock shots used to depict a journey on a boat train at night. The signal gantry on the left is quite clear, but the locomotive on the right is nothing more than a dark and blurry shape.
An express passes through a station at speed, but the train itself is barely visible
Someone thought it a good idea, apparently, to include a random shot of the signal box nameboard at Dover Marine!
The shot of this train is somewhat clearer, but there is no clue as to where this is. However, one thing is for sure. It isn’t Dover Marine.
This is a view through the girders of Hungerford Railway Bridge. An EMU is coming into shot in close up from the right, but again it is not readily apparent to the viewer.
This is clearer, but the station in this ‘daytime’ scene remains unidentified
An express train passes behind the taxi in this view of Jane Hylton and Kent Taylor, thus it is largely obscured from view
Another final glimpse of the station buildings and platform canopies