1hr 29mins
Dir: John Blakeley
Starring: Frank Randle and Hilda Bayley

A school caretaker discovers that one of the pupils is his long-lost daughter

This music-hall comedy was the usual weak fare from Randle, which although cheaply made proved to be one of a group of films that were a commercial success for Mancunian Films. There is a station scene in this film though it is not known were this was filmed and, in addition to this, there is a stock shot from Brief Encounter (1945) in the form of a going-away shot of an LMS streamlined ‘Coronation’ Class 4-6-2 on an express.

This is the railway station that appears in the film, but its identity has yet to be discovered
The familiar and often used stock shot from Brief Encounter (1945). This shot shows a streamlined LMS ‘Coronation’ passing Carnforth and is unusually ‘crisp’.