1hr 27mins
Dir: Leslie Arliss
Starring: Kieron Moore and Christine Norden

A woman decides to foretell the end of the world in the hope of revealing the identity of a petty thief

This rare Irish comic drama appears very difficult to get hold of today, which is a real shame. It was filmed on location in and around Carlingford, County Lough, and opens with shots of a steam train passing through the countryside and arriving into Carlingford station. Sadly, most of the train is obscured by the titles, and the arrival scene remains distant. What we do know is that the passenger train is of mixed formation, with a cattle van, open wagon, and brakevan on the rear as ‘tail traffic’ to the two carriages, and hauled by a diminutive little saddle tank. Carlingford station was located on the Dundalk, Newry and Greenore Railway which closed on 1st January 1952. The company had six 0-6-0STs built by the LNWR at Crewe and by the time the line shut only one, No.2 Greenore, was operational. Although it is impossible to prove otherwise, it is likely this locomotive is the one that appears in the film. Carlingford, and therefore the station, is renamed Kilwirra for the film.

The Dundalk, Newry and Greenore Railway train is visible between Norman Daines and H.G. Pearson
The train crosses an embankment in this scene, with the locomotive visible next to Harry Hayward’s name
The train approaches the single, curved platform at Carlingford station, but it does not get any closer than this.
Kieron Moore (on the left) and the stationmaster stand on the platform at Carlingford. The driver observes from his footplate beyond Kieron Moore’s shoulder but this is all we see of ‘his’ locomotive, a Crewe-built 0-6-0 saddle tank.