Dir: Jonathon McLoone
Starring: Edward Brockett and Allanah Carson

A short film about love, missed opportunities, and awkward glances

Location filming for this┬ásilent romance took place at Dumbarton Central station and onboard ScotRail Class 320 and Class 334 EMU’s. There are excellent shots of Dumbarton Central with Class 320 No.320306 putting in a star appearence, but a Class 318 EMU appears in extreme closeup at the very end. One other station is also briefly seen. Glimpsed through the window of the train it is not Dumbarton Central, and it remains as yet unidentified. Although Dumbarton Central station was seen in Beautiful Creatures (2000), it is the first known appearence of both Class 318 and Class 320 EMU’s on screen.

Dumbarton Central station looking east towards….Dumbarton East
Class 320 EMU No.320306 pulls into Dumbarton Central’s platform 1. This is the view looking west towards Dalreoch.
The interior of a Class 320 EMU, where most of the action takes place
This, meanwhile, shows Edward Brockett inside a Class 334 EMU
The train calls at this station en route. This is not Dumbarton Central and it remains unidentified for the time being.
Back at Dumbarton Central and passengers alight from a Class 320 EMU, probably 320306 seen above
As this short film ends a Class 318 pulls into the station blocking everone and everything from view