1hr 28mins
Dir: Robert Parrish
Starring: Joel McCrea and Evelyn Keyes

A retired US Army officer shoots at a man he believes to be a poacher, then goes on the run when he thinks he has killed him

This thriller is based on the 1951 novel A Rough Shoot by Geoffrey Household and features a railway journey to London. This comprises opening shots of a station, posing as ‘Winchester’, complete with Southern Region posters on the walls. This is not thought to be either of the stations that served the city and the exact location has yet to be ascertained. There is then a near night time run past of an unrebuilt Bulleid ‘Pacific’ passing through Berrylands on an express, followed by the arrival into Waterloo station of a train behind another unrebuilt ‘West Country’ Class 4-6-2, No.34011 Tavistock. The carriage interior scenes were probably a set. Near identical daytime shots at Berrylands appear in the film The Oracle (qv) which was released in the same year. In fact the release of the two films came barely a month apart suggesting the very real possibility that the scenes were originally shot at the same time.

This is the exterior to a Southern Region station but which one is not yet known
Will this angle of the entrance to the ticket office help anyone?
This notice advertising excursions seems to be the genuine article. What with Winchester, Southampton and St. Denys stations listed (as well as Bournemouth), the station must surely to be in Hampshire.
A Southern Region express passes through Berrylands at the hands of an unrebuilt Bulleid pacific. Notice the awning of station shelter on the right. Compare this with the shot of another Bulleid hauled express at Berrylands in The Oracle.
Giving the game away here is this distinctive signal, which stands at the end of the western end of platform 2 at Berrylands
34011 Tavistock brings its train slowly into Waterloo
Passengers and taxi cabs outside Waterloo station