Dir: Bert Haldane
Starring: Fred Paul and Blanche Forsythe

A cleric’s son saves a maid from suicide, only for her to save him when he is framed for killing the mistress of a crook

This silent melodrama from the Ealing-based Barker studios is in four parts. It features a shot of trams on the Embankment in part two and a shot of the frontage to St Pancras station in part three. Sadly, part four appears to be lost, and the running time listed above is that without. We should be grateful that the remaining three parts have been restored, though the quality at times is poor, particularly part three which is suffering from heavy print damage and bleaching.

This is the Embankment with the Thames on the right and Cleopatra’s Needle in the background. On the left partially obscured by trees are some trams. One is a double-decker working Route 60 but the other is very rare glimpse of an early single-decker.
In this closer view only a short while later we see another single-deck tram
This is the unmistakable frontage to St. Pancras