1hr 10mins
Dir: Guy Green
Starring: John Bentley and Phyllis Kirk

A river police inspector faces a moral dilemma when a woman he knows gets caught up in a jewel smuggling racket

This crime film features a shot of the railway bridge across Hardinge Street in Shadwell and a train of suburban coaches is crossing, though no locomotive is seen. Later in the film there is a shot of Chaseley Street railway bridge in Limehouse and again a train is passing across. However, in this instance the steam locomotive is seen but it is passing out of shot just as the frame opens. There are additional glimpses of the dockside railways throughout the film, with wagons present in some scenes.

This is Hardinge Street, London E1, with a passenger train crossing the railway bridge in the background. The tower is that of St. Mary’s Church on Cable Street. Incidentally, the other side of this bridge features in the movie Burnt Evidence (qv) also filmed in 1954, and again a train is present.
This is Chaseley Street in Limehouse and a steam-hauled passenger train is crossing the bridge, the locomotive of which is just passing out of shot. The coaches look very old and decrepit.
In this view from onboard ship some railway wagons are present next to the dockside warehouse
This scene appears a couple of times in the film and it presumably shows sidings in the London docks somewhere. Could be anywhere really.