Dir: Peter Brook
Starring: Frank Thornton and Julia Foster

A pompous opera star struggles to get to his opening night at the Royal Opera House

This short, 15 minute comedy, features some scenes on the London Underground using 1962-stock on the Aldwych branch shuttle. Both Holborn and Aldwych stations appear but the first shot uses the ticket hall at Knightsbridge. There is also a brief glimpse of the old station house at Chiswick. This film formed the ‘Zero’ part of Red, White and Zero, a film in three parts, though they are listed under their individual titles here. See also Red and Blue (‘Red’) and The White Bus (‘White’).

For what it is worth the building on the right of this shot is the old station house belonging to Chiswick, though it is not actually a part of the station itself and it is now a pub.
This is the ticket hall of Knightsbridge Underground station
Zero Mostel at Holborn. Despite being of only 15 minutes in length the Underground journey from Knightsbridge to Aldwych is correctly portrayed with a change at Holborn. This is refreshing piece of continuity.
This is the Aldwych branch platform at Holborn, with a train of 1962-stock in the platform
Having begun his journey at Knightsbridge, Zero Mostel has arrived at Aldwych and makes his way out of the platform
And decides to take the stairs to the street above. Thanks to reelstreets for the screen captures.