1hr 29mins
Dir: Sidney Hayers
Starring: Joan Collins and James Booth

Aided by his son and a friend, the head of a family takes revenge on the man who they suspect of murdering his daughter

This thriller has a couple of shots featuring railway infrastructure, though no actual trains are seen. There is a shot at night filmed adjacent to High Wycombe station and another in the day time that was filmed beneath Gordon Road viaduct to the east of the station. The film is based on the 1971 novel There Was an Old Woman by Lou Ellen Davis but it was not released in the US until 1976. It bore the alternate title Inn of the Frightened People but when it was then released in the US on video it was given the further title of Terror from Under the House.

This is the corner of Gordon Road with Duke Street in High Wycombe, and the buildings on the up platform of High Wycombe station are clearly visible in the background
These are the arches of Gordon Road viaduct in High Wycombe, which carries the Chiltern main line across the aforementioned road. Visible through the centre arch is the bridge taking the Maidenhead line across Gordon Road, which had only just closed the year before this film was released.