Dir: Robert Vas
Starring: Tibor Molnár and Leonard Ryland

A Hungarian refugee attempts to navigate 1950s London with no English, little money and only an address on a postcard for guidance

This short drama shows well just how inhospitable and uncompromising 1950s London could be to an outsider. It also opens with some excellent railway scenes, even if they are a bit mashed up. These start with a shot of a streamlined Bullied Pacific, probably a ‘Battle of Britain’ Class loco working an express on a three track, 3rd rail electrified, main line. This is followed by a number of badly edited shots of passing trains, including at least two 4 SUB EMU’s and a Pullman train with an old GWR ‘Siphon G’ on the rear! There are then scenes filmed at London Waterloo station, with 3 and 4 SUB EMU’s identifiable, along with a close up shot of 4 RES EMU No.3071 (identified through vehicle No.11173). A tank loco is also visible at the bufferstops, probably an M7 Class 0-4-4T. Finally, there are shots of the station entrance and the viaduct opposite that carries the lines from Waterloo East to Charing Cross, and an EMU is crossing the bridge. The escalators of an unknown London Underground station also feature.

A train approaches hauled by a streamlined Bulleid pacific
Two trains pass at the same location, a 4SUB EMU on the left and a Pullman express on the right
Interestingly, the Pullman has an ex-GWR ‘Siphon G’ ventilated van on the rear. Originally designed for milk traffic and for the conveyance of other perishable goods, by now it would be used for parcels and luggage.
Passengers make their way onto the concourse from platform 15 of Waterloo station
EMU’s and a steam tank loco are visible in this more unusual elevated view of the platforms at Waterloo
A platform charge hand shuts the doors on 4 RES EMU No.3071
London Waterloo station concourse