1hr 41mins
Dir: Trevor Nunn
Starring: Judi Dench and Tom Hughes

A woman employed by the British government as a civil servant gets recruited by the K.G.B.

This British spy drama is based on the 2013 novel of the same name written by Jennie Rooney, which was itself inspired by the life of Melita Norwood, described as both the most important British female agent in KGB history, and the longest serving of all Soviet spies in Britain. The film is only a loose portrayal of her life, and squanders its greatest acting talent to become no more than a rather mundane picture. It features some equally mundane scenes that were shot on the Bluebell Railway, the best of which sees Sophie Cookson alighting from a train at Horsted Keynes station, though there are also some artisitic shots of her onboard the train as well.

Sophie Cookson alights from the train at Horsted Keynes. Although the sign says 2, this is in reality platform 5.
Our actress makes her way towards the exit
A pensive looking Sophie Cookson looking out of the window of her train. Note how the passing scenery is reflected on the side of the carriage.
The last shot shows Ms Cookson looking longingly out of the window of her compartment. This was filmed inside SR Maunsell Brake Third Corridor Composite No.6686 built in 1935.