2hrs 34mins
Dir: Sanjay Dayma
Starring: Raj Zutshi and Samita Bangargi

A young Indian takes a job as a chef in London to pay for the dowry he owes back in India

This Hindi-language comedy-drama was previously titled Bawarchi and is a remake of the Tamil film Nala Damayanthi. The film’s title Ramji Londonwaley literally translates as ‘Ramji, the man from London’. The film features scenes at Piccadilly Circus and Knightsbridge Underground stations on the Piccadilly Line, with 1973-built tube stock present at both. There is also an aerial shot of Blackfriars Railway Bridge and station, with some unidentified trains in the station platforms. Despite being set in London some scenes were filmed in Reading and in one shot the main building of Reading station prior to its redevelopment appears in the background.

Blackfriars railway bridge and station form the centre piece to this aerial shot of the Thames in London. Although there are two trains in the station they are difficult to identify (they could be a CGI addition).
These are the stairs down to the platforms of the Piccadilly Line at Piccadilly Circus Underground station. The sign partially visible on the right hand wall gives the game away as it is pointing up the stairs for the Bakerloo Line.
Ranganathan Madhavan boards a Piccadilly Line train at Knightsbridge station
And then leaves the train at Piccadilly Circus again.
These are the old bus stops outside of Reading station before the whole area underwent a huge redevelopment. The station building with its distinctive clock tower can be seen in the top left of this shot of Ranganathan Madhavan and Samita Bangargi walking away from the town.