1hr 31mins
Dir: Gerald Thomas
Starring: Leslie Phillips and Liz Fraser

A group of students at an elite music school decide to share a flat in order to cut their living costs

This comedy film uses a cast of actors drawn from the Carry On and Doctor films that were popular at the time, although it is not an official member of either series. There is a brief shot of an express hauled by ex-LNER A4 Class 4-6-2 No.60024 Kingfisher which is stock footage from The Thirty Nine Steps (1959), which in turn also appeared in Carry On Regardless (1961) (both qv). So, as well as some cast members, even a train was making a reappearance from a Carry On film!! For release in the US, the film’s title was changed to Roommates.

A4 Pacific No.60024 Kingfisher sweeps round the curve on the approach to Penmanshiel Tunnel near Grantshouse, on the East Coast main line between Berwick and Edinburgh