1hr 22mins
Dir: Terence Ryan
Starring: Sean Hughes and Elliott Gould

The border between Northern Ireland and Eire is redrawn through a small village

This film is an adaptation of Spike Milligan’s 1963 comic novel about the divided Irish village of Puckoon. There is one brief railway scene in this comedy that depicts troops arriving at ‘Puckoon’ station. This was filmed at Downpatrick on the Downpatrick & County Down Railway with preserved former Irish Sugar Company 5’ 3” gauge O&K 0-4-0T+WT No.3 on a train. The German loco was built by Orenstein & Koppel in Berlin in 1935 and was one of a class of nine used by the ISC, the two survivors of which are located at Downpatrick. Unusually, the locos also have a well tank in addition to the two side tanks (hence the T+WT designation).

The train arrives at Downpatrick station. The loco is just visible between the two centre pillars.
And having come to a stand the troops disembark