1hr 37mins
Dir: Tony Garnett
Starring: Eleanor Forsythe and Kate Crutchley

A Birmingham prostitute leaves friends and family behind to seek her fortune in London

There is one scene in this bleak drama whereby a phone conversation takes place in a house and, through the window of the room, a Class 47 diesel passes by at the bottom of the garden running light. The house is located in Trafalgar Road, Moseley, Birmingham, and the 47 is on the Down Camp Hill Line from Saltley to Kings Norton. There is also a brief scene filmed on the busy concourse of Birmingham New Street station.

Excuse me, but there is a Class 47 at the bottom of your garden?! The locomotive would have passed by purely by chance but has been captured for posterity.
Birmingham New Street doesn’t have, and never has had, a station building. Access to the concourse, shown here, is via the shopping centre above, which is reached via the stairs seen in the background of this shot.