1hr 29mins
Dir: Barney Platts-Mills
Starring: Bruce Robinson and Susan Penhaligon

An author begins a relationship with a receptionist after finishing his first novel, but they fail to find a mutual understanding

There are some railway scenes in the opening 10 minutes of this dull drama. The scenes start with shots of Chislehurst station frontage followed by Bruce Robinson boarding an EPB EMU at the station. There are then some scenes filmed at London Waterloo, which also open with a shot of the station frontage, followed by some fine images of 4 SUB EMU’s in the platforms including set No.4130 on which Susan Penhaligon departs.

A classic car in the form of a Rover 3500 Mk1 pulls up outside Chislehurst station. Ignore the sign!
A view through the ticket hall at Chislehurst
The entrance steps to Waterloo, grimy, careworn, and strangely deserted
Bruce Robinson and Susan Penhaligon run to catch their train at Waterloo. The train is formed of a formation of 4 SUB EMU’s.
Bruce Robinson elected not to travel, and walks back along the platform as Susan Penhaligon’s train departs. 4 SUB EMU’s abound in this shot, the rear unit of the departing train is No.4130.