2hrs 16mins
Dir: Horace Ové
Starring: Herbert Norville and Oscar James

A British born son of a Trinidadian immigrant finds himself stuck between two cultures

This drama was the first feature-length film directed by a black film-maker in Britain, and it is now recognised as one of the key black British films of all time. It features several busy scenes that were filmed in Portobello Road and in one of these an LT C stock train is crossing the bridge over the road, though it is somewhat obscured by the market crowds. Additionally, there is a shot of the frontage to Westbourne Park station and a shot of the elevated A40 Westway with railway lines in the foreground. Best of all, there is a final aerial view of a Class 50-hauled express leaving London, filmed from Trellick Tower, North Kensington.

As crowds jostle for attention in Portobello Road, a Metropolitan Line train of London Transport C stock is crossing the bridge in the background
A London Transport Routemaster picks up passengers outside Westbourne Park station, the facade of which is visible on the right. Despite the London Underground roundel prominently on display, the station was still served by BR trains at this point as well, and would continue to be so until 1992.
As night begins to fall, the lights of the A40 Westway snake their way through the landscape. The tracks of the GWR main line are in the foreground.
Sadly, Class 50’s are rare on film, but here we see one on its way out of London at the head of an express. This shot was taken from Trellick Tower, with Elkstone Road in the lower foreground and the elevated A40 crossing the top of the picture.