Dir: Lionel Harris
Starring: Derrick Sherwin and Imogen Hassall

A rich young man is blackmailed by the husband of his lover

This short crime film was part of the series known as The Scales of Justice, a run of 13 British cinema featurettes produced by Anglo-Amalgamated between 1962 and 1967. They are short films, largely half-hour in length, that were similar in style to the Scotland Yard series. Each film was based on an actual criminal case, with only the names changed, and featured an introduction by the crime writer Edgar Lustgarten. Position of Trust was No.4 in the series and features a brief shot of a car arriving outside the entrance to Twickenham station.

This is the approach road to Twickenham station
And the scene outside the entrance. This distinctive building off the London Road had opened in 1954 and was replaced in 2017.