1hr 26mins
Dir: Wolf Rilla
Starring: Terence Morgan and Mai Zetterling

A criminal seduces the daughter of an ambassador in order to rob a foreign embassy in London

This pretty decent crime thriller rushes a bit towards the end but it has part of the Underground system central to its plot. The robbery of the embassy occurs by accessing the vaults from the adjacent Underground tunnel with a final chase sequence taking place through the tunnels themselves. The majority of this sequence used sets, with ‘Belgravia’ station recreated in the studio, though it is thought that some of the tunnel scenes did use the Aldwych branch tunnels and a train of 1923 standard stock does appear in an earlier scene.

A train of Standard Stock arrives into Holborn working a Piccadilly Line service to Uxbridge
Looking back we can see that the train can not be for Uxbridge, because this is the Aldwych branch platform at Holborn.
Terence Morgan on the platform at Belgravia, which is a studio recreation
The gang make their way onto the track. Despite the liberal coating of dirt beneath the platform this is the same set, but a good one at that