Dir: David Eady
Starring: Brian Rawlinson and Julie Martin

A visiting Russian diplomat tries to recruit a lonely government department employee as a spy

Following a series of spy scandals, the Security Service and the Central Office of Information created a security education campaign to raise awareness of the Soviet espionage threat to state and industrial secrets, and to provide security training for military and civilian personnel handling classified material. Several instructional films were commissioned, using fictional scenarios to dramatise the cold war threat to security personnel and this feature film was one of four highly inventive dramas produced over an eight-year period. It features the entrances to three Underground stations, namely Chalk Farm, Sloane Square and Baker Street.

This is Chalk Farm, on the Northern Line
And this is the entrance to Sloane Square
This view is looking out of the station’s ticket hall onto Sloane Square itself
Whilst this is a view outside of Baker Street station